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For you able to communicate with your customers, understand them and that addresses their needs, and by collecting feedback continuously to improve itself Metisbot your customers with your most important communication assistant.


Stay in touch with your customers 7/24.


Automatic with answers, happy customers obtain.


Increase your number of happy customers.

Only It's Not Fake
At The Same Time, Quick Wit!

Metisbot constantly evolving, different results and to be able to present to the ability to use different words to give the same answer thanks, everyone can communicate easily with.

7/24 service/provides a communication channel.

Instantly solves problems and complaints.

Gives the quick reply, facilitates communication.

Users to collect feedback, constantly evolving.

Dialog creates a consistent and personalized.

Guide you to the right solution.

Why Chatbot?

Chatbot recently started to receive attention, despite the fact it exists in our digital lives for some time. Artificial intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) such as advances in technology now, thanks to chatbot are becoming increasingly more intelligent. Frequently asked questions to answer or assist you when buying a plane ticket will be when you query the 7/24 chatbot know where your cargo is.
The new generation is busy with boots on a daily basis.

Prefer to use the chat to communicate with your consumer brand boots /will.

Customers will be able to manage their work without interacting with a human and chat bots, the most important aids in this regard

Consumer business that includes boots im more wants to see it.

Companies will invest more in the area of mobile application development chatbot than traditional.

Our products

We present ready-made solutions that can be customized for different applications within only metisbot your wishes. Whether you want for your website if your human resources team to help Chatbot application.

Web Metisbot

Since consumers now have the ease of quick access to information and post-sales operations in the same way, and do it quickly.. they want to Chat robots and multi-channel integration, companies and consumers meet the expectations of traditional communication a two-way communication to make for chatbot applications they use.

Metis Whatsapp Bot

WhatsApp, as one of the world's most popular messaging channels with your customers in real time, and allows you to make calls as meaningful content. WhatsApp Business, to make automated messages, sorting, and by providing tools that enable you to quickly answer make it easier for you to communicate with customers.

Metis HR Bot

Your human resources department if you want to make a structure that adds value and more innovative you can support your employees with HR Metis. Collect your employees ' suggestions and complaints, to produce a solution to a problem that plugs into their minds Metis HR is there to support you.

Metis Request & Complaints

Request&Complaint Chatbot application with the institution Web page, social media (Facebook, Whatsapp, etc.) listen to your customers and getting their feedback and across many communication channels, it's now easier and faster.

Meets with MetisBot

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Our customer and make communication more efficient access to information and support to help our customers of our web site without getting lost in chatbot we think is the most effective solution.
Nuri Cikal
Planet Software / General Manager
Make use of the offered painting, reduce cost, and human resources more effectively chatbot capable of learning to use technology; we use operational studies for many years.
ERŞAN bouquet
Projects, ADK, marketing and customer services director


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Express yourself in 2022 ChatBot

Express yourself in 2022 ChatBot

Express yourself in 2022 ChatBot