Not Only Artificial But Also Agile Intelligence!

When we set out in 1996, our aim was to develop smart solutions to the problems of businesses with different software options. The applications we have developed with this method for many different sectors in nearly 25 years have not only solved problems but also made operations more efficient. With our many years of experience and the development of artificial intelligence technology, we have developed the industrial application platform, Heliks Framework. With this platform, which is at the foundation of the Industry 4.0 transition, our solution and R&D projects, including artificial intelligence and machine learning components, were transferred to Entropi Elektronik ve Teknoloji A.Ş. combined under.

With the Metisbot brand, we launched the Artificial Intelligence Chatbot, which we developed considering that personal chats and transactions based on instant messaging will play a fundamental role in the communication between businesses and people, in 2019. Metisbot has turned into an easy-to-use and effective chatbot application that allows to offer smart solutions during the development process. Today, Metisbot, which has become the solution that can meet the increasing demands and expectations in communication channels and reduce operational costs, helps your business in communication with its customers with its structure developed in Turkish in Turkey and supported by Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning.