The Fiba Emeklilik FiGuru application, developed by Metisbot and turned into a success story, provides its customers with facilities to obtain information about their policies within the scope of private pension, life insurance and health insurance and to make transactions. Fiba Emeklilik virtual assistant robot FiGuru, which we are the developer of, was awarded the "good idea" award for 2020 in the Digital Customer Experience category at the CX Awards, where Turkey's leading brands compete.


Hatay Metropolitan Municipality virtual assistant helps you to solve the problems related to municipal services as soon as possible. You can follow the process by making notifications about your requests, complaints and problems with the virtual assistant serving 24/7.


Büyükçekmece Municipality virtual assistant helps citizens to perform the transactions they frequently apply correctly. It helps citizens to quickly create their problems, requests and complaints. The virtual assistant provides 24/7 service and has the ability to answer 95% correctly.

NN Hayat ve Emeklilik

NN Hayat ve Emeklilik operates under the NN Group, an insurance and investment management company with a strong presence in 19 countries, mainly in Europe, and a long-established heritage of more than 175 years. The history of the company in Turkey started with the ING Group's acquisition of 100% shares of OYAK Emeklilik on 4 December 2008.

ITO Gezici Dijital Karavan

The Mobile Digital Caravan was developed with the aim of enabling companies operating in Izmir to become acquainted with digital technologies and to increase their productivity and competitiveness by enabling them to adapt digital technologies to their business processes. With this caravan, an environment is provided for our members to visit the regions where they operate and meet with digital technology, software and hardware that they can adapt to their business and production processes.